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Welcome to the Santa Ana Del Monte Residents Cooperative Newsletter.

This Newsletter was created to provide News, Updates, Discussions and Ideas on the ever-growing topic of Santa Ana Del Monte Development. 
This Newsletter, updated regularly, provides a quick and easy way for you to stay up to date and get the latest information wherever and whenever you need it.

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For questions, comments, or to request additional information about the newsletter topics, proceed to the Contact Us page to communicate directly with the committee.

Latest News

July 2008 Members Update

July 2008 Extra  Update

August 2008 Extra Update

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October 2008 Extra Update
October Phone Call  Extra

        November 2008 Extra Update
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        November 14th Phone Update

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        December extra here
        (in Spanish-English to follow)

        January 2009 Update
        plus newspaper clipping

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        April 2010 Newsletter SPECIAL
        SARC position Statement of the HDT offer

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        Meeting for creditors of Herrada del Tollo here

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        July 2010 HdT are out of Administration
        Spanish or English documents

        Sept 2010 Paramount Theme Park Murcia

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        December Update ‘Water Licence’ here & here
                       Newspaper article here

        Jan 2011 Investors threaten to sue
        Stirling Mortimer law firm over Spain property advice here

        Jan 2011 Newsletter here

        New Plan graphics: Division en Unidades de Actuation 
        R-4  + R-10  + R-14 + R-15 + R-16  & El Pinot

        SARC & HdT/SJI meeting Interaction
                 - Photo Courtesy of Paul Hastings

        April 2011 Newsletter - here

        May/ June 2011 Newsletter here
         - Fractional ownership example here

        July/August 2011 Newsletter here

        Sept/Oct 2011 Newsletter here

        October 2001 - Newspaper article regarding El Pinet here

        February 2012 - Newsletter - here

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        HdT contract with SGR Clause (pdf) - here
        Purchaser Joint Purchase Link Info - (*.doc) - here

        April 2012 - Newsletter - here

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        The ruling of the Supreme Court in Madrid - document

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        Jan 2013 Newsletter - here

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        October 2013 Newsletter - here

        Jan 2014 Newsletter - here


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Paramount Theme park for Murcia?

Spain_0069 sketch

Photo By Chris Wheatley

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See the Media Page photos here

A page of helpful links for our friends at San Jose Inversiones (SJI) Purchasers, who are going through a similar experiences to SARC purchasers.

The SJI Page Link is here

Q&A (informal) with a Spanish Solicitor,  pdf file here

Eye on Spain, is a community-based website for anyone buying a property in Spain, planning to move to Spain or already living in Spain.

San Jose, the builders

"BOE published. 30 days count down to present documents has commenced. We have been informed by a solicitor that due to the Court closure through August that 9 of September is the closure date for presentation of documents" Document here (Spanish)

Check-out the Documents page for letters, graphic images, sample letter templates and soon - much, much more!

We would like to see some of your images too!

Residents and Purchasers

If at anytime, while you are browsing through our website and you have a related question, don't hesitate to send us an e-mail at:

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