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STOP PRESS:      SJI creditors vote is over 50% for YES - SJI will be coming out of Administration!  (Subject to Court ratification)

San Jose Inversiones

Welcome to SJI Purchasers
from the SARC Committee,

Please note that SARC is an independent, self funded, owners co-operative and has no financial links with SJI. We have invited SJI Purchasers to share in the experience we have gained in negotiations and hope it of benefit.

        Important Documents for SJI Purchasers:

SJI / SARC letter here
SARC / SJI - UK Meetings Report here
A published a list of the Notaries for SJI purchasers/creditors to sign at for free is here

Almudena confirms that SJI creditors vote is over 50% for YES. Therefore, SJI will be coming out of administration like HdT , which is good for HdT purchasers/creditors as SJI owns 50% of HdT. (The vote still has to be checked and ratified by the court)
An update report will follow in the next few days.

Site built by CjW

This page is to assist:

  • SARC members who are also SJI purchasers
  • SADM purchasers who may to wish to switch to a SJI coastal property
  • SJI purchasers ; to give them a joint voice with the company and access
    to information that may be helpful to them.

Listing of meetings for the San Jose Inversiones purchasers meetings.

The Link is here

The link below is to the SJI purchasers information site and can only be accessed by purchasers/creditors of SJI who have their own individual log in details.

Please note the web page
with information about the Proposal is

SARC & HdT/SJI meeting interaction - Photo Courtesy of Paul Hastings



El Pinet


The development nearing completion

If SJI purchasers have useful relevant links they would like to publish here

or indeed a photo of the development, please e-mail the SARC committee.


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